February 6, 2019 Deep Learning Web Development Python Flask R Cloud

Hi! I’m Dwarkanath Prabhu. I work on machine learning and web development. Here are some of my projects sorted by topic.


Computer Vision

Skin Cancer Classification

Handwritten Digit Recognition

Art generation with Neural Style Transfer

Face Recognition

Natural Language Processing

Tweet Language Model

Jazz music generator

Eliminate bias from word vectors

Neural Networks

Titanic Kaggle Competition

Building your Deep Neural Network - Step by Step

Classical Machine Learning

Anomaly Detection

Radar Signal Quality

Web Development

Twitter Clone

Personal Website

Personal Blog

FreeCodeCamp Projects

Week In Memes - Static Site


Click on the image for link to the certificate on the certifying authority website.

Google Cloud Essentials

Deep Learning Specialization

Responsive Web Design

Dwarkanath Prabhu
Author: Dwarkanath Prabhu

Hi, I’m Dwarkanath Prabhu! I’m a web developer, currently working at CMS, Inc.

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